FAQ (Frequenly Asked Questions)


1. Do you pick up by the cruise terminal/Hotel/AirBnB?
Yes, we do

2. What happens if I cannot walk? Can I still do the tour?
Yes, you can still do our Havana “Accessible”. We use an a/c hardtop classic car that we can keep for the whole tour with no time constraints and basically do an extended Modern Havana Tour. Vehicles are not allowed in the historical center. The visit to this section depends on your ability to walk. Our vehicles would get as close to the main squares as possible.

3. For the Havana Tours, can I choose between a hardtop and a convertible classic?
Yes, you will find 4 choices of tours including our “plus choice” in which you can have a combination of both. Note that in our regular Day Tours (6 hours) we are able to use the convertibles for two hours for the same price that we can use the a/c hardtops for the full 6 hours of the tour. For the Havana Day and Night we use convertibles for two hours during the day and two hours at night. If you choose the convertible choice there is more walking involved.

4. Can we pay by credit card?
No, private business don’t have credit card facilities yet. Moreover, U.S. credit cards don’t work in Cuba, because of the embargo.

5. Can we pay in advance?
Unfortunately, not for the time being. Payment will be cash tendered at the end of the tour.

6. Can we pay with U.S. dollars?
Most private business will accept payments in USD using the current fixed bank exchange rate: $1 USD = $0.87 CUC. You can either pay us with USD, or ask our tour guide to stop by at a bank with no line ups to exchange. This will save you some time by going out of the cruise terminal where line ups are usually long.

7. For lunch, do we go to the private restaurants called Paladars?
Yes, that’s where we usually go. Either we suggest the most frequented ones or you choose one. Note that while we take some time aside for lunch we don’t own the restaurants. In most of the restaurants they charge a nominal fee (of around 1 dollar) for using the toilette. We have no control on this.

8. Do you offer public tours?
No, only private tours in taxis. The size of the group is not a problem, as we can arrange for several taxis, or sometimes a larger one. We usually can accommodate up to 4 guests in each taxi.

9. Are you compliant with the U.S. regulations for travelling to Cuba?
Yes, we fall under the category “Support for the Cuban People. This does not require a sponsoring organization and we don’t visit places that are in the restricted list.

10. They say that it takes really long to go through customs. What happens if we make it late to our appointment?
It is not a problem. We usually wait for up to two hours after the pickup time. If it’ll take you longer, please contact us by email or give us a ring and we will wait for you. Tours go for the scheduled time after we meet.

11. Is there a specific time at which you start?
The most common time to start is one hour after the ship docks. If your cruise arrives in the afternoon and you book our Havana Day Tour, then we start in the afternoon and go for six or three hours depending on your choice.

12. In order to customize my program, can I select my highlights?
Yes, that is the idea. We always do a basic program and send you a list of suggested highlights so that you can tailor your experience. If your requested program is too long, we will advise you and ask you to give us an order of priorities. We would try to fulfill it, but would go by your order to guarantee that if time is not enough at least you do what’s most important to you.
For pricing or any special request, feel free to email us:  info@cubanlandscapetours.com